March 3, 2018

In Like A Lion


Hello Happy Friends! Our forthcoming EP is shaping up in the studio and we’re brimming with anticipation. We’ll be announcing a release date soon so expect to see the finished product this spring. In the meantime the calendar is filling up with exciting shows around the northeast.

We’re excited for a night at Copper City Brewing Company in Rome NY next weekend. This will be our first time there and it looks like they have a nice spread of craft brews to fuel our fire. We haven’t been out west in a while so we’ll be bringing the heat.

Word has been spreading like wildfire through the hills about our St. Paddy’s Day show at Helderberg Brewery in Rensselaerville NY. We’re expecting a crowd so the event will be held at the Carriage House, which is also located on the grounds at the Carey Institute. There will be trad music, special guests and delicious beers so make the trip up the hill Friday March 16th.

Click LIVE at the top of the page for the full calendar.

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October 26, 2017

Awesome October Shenanigans

We’ve had a great couple weeks at some sweet venues.  We started the month off at Harmony Music in Woodstock NY. It had been a while since our last show there and we were welcomed back with open arms. The Great Cortland Pumpkin Fest was amazing. The crowd was fantastic and the vendors had everything you’d want on a fall afternoon. Our first ever show at Temple in Rochester was cool, we saw some old friends and made some new ones. Jumpstart Jacoby started off the night and we were blown away by his tunes and soulful voice. We did a local gig in Albany at Parish Public House with our buddies Mournin Dove. It was great to be back in town and see the old crowd.

Last weekend we had a blast up north in Keeseville NY on Friday night then Burlington VT on Saturday.  Friday at the Riverside Tavern was unbelievable. After a rowdy barroom dance party (complete with conga line) we hung out all night by the fire pit with the friendly folks of Keeseville. Saturday we headed to Burlington for a show at Red Square on Church St. We got there early, the weather was nice and we listened to Shrimp Tunes pull off a killer one man band set. Then we rocked all night. It was the perfect Indian Summer night and people were out in droves. Everyone was dancing and there was a crowd of passerby’s stopped on Church St. cheering us on the whole time. It was really a great experience and we can’t wait to come back to Burlington.

Here are a few pictures:


20171020_204727 20171020_204805 20171020_204814 20171020_204908











20171021_225508 20171021_225550 20171021_225708 20171021_225642 20171021_225623 20171021_225615 20171021_225600

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October 7, 2017

Fun Fall Runs

September has been crazy AF with 10 shows throughout the monthIMG_20170922_222453.  We’re blessed to have the opportunity to share our tunes with so many adoring fans.  Now it’s time to catch everybody up on what we’ve been doing and give you guys some photos to stare at. There’s a lot to talk about so I’ll try to be brief.

We started the month off with a set at the Northeast’s hottest festival Eastbound Throwdown. After that, our first show at Boathouse Beer Garden on Cayuga Lake in Romulus NY was amazing and solidified our love for the Finger Lakes. Froggy Daze 6 kicked ass and we tore it up with a nice late night set. We did a relaxing Sunday Pig Roast at Crosby Farm up in Berne to end that weekend. A last minute fundraiser for Hurricane victims came up at Parish Public House so we joined on for a quick set.  After that we had a run starting in Ithaca at The Range. That cool mural with the flying wolf girl was outside. The next night we played for all our friends at Savoy Taproom in Albany for a Larkfest after party. We ended the weekend at Bethel Wood’s Center for the Arts Harvest Festival.  We closed out the month with a New England weekend starting at The Stomping Grounds in Putnam CT. From there we did a couple sets at The Manchester Fall Arts and Crafts Festival in Vermont.

We’re still rocking with a lot of fun shows coming up so check out our full calendar. Here’s some pictures:

Boathouse Beer Garden

IMG_20170915_215214591 IMG_20170915_215159970 IMG_20170915_175337838_HDR















Crosby Farm

IMG_20170917_165706102_HDR IMG_20170917_165752446_HDR IMG_20170917_170004259_HDR IMG_20170917_170816478



















Savoy Taproom

IMG_20170923_235038406 IMG_20170923_235046167 IMG_20170923_235100343















Bethel Woods Harvest Festival

IMG_20170924_152635750 IMG_20170924_120623 IMG_20170924_152539032_HDR



Stomping Grounds

IMG_20170929_225902501 IMG_20170929_225737590 IMG_20170929_225909679 IMG_20170929_225706939















Manchester Arts and Crafts Festival

IMG_20170930_145723292_HDR IMG_20170930_150346684_HDR

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August 23, 2017

Hot August Weekend

It’s been a slow month for BMS, so we loaded up last weekend to make up for it.  We stayed busy with 3 shows in a row around Upstate NY.

Friday night (8/18) we took a ride out to Cortland to play at the Cortland Beer Company.   Despite rain in Albany, it was hot and sunny when we got to Cortland. Everyone was enjoying beers on the patio, so we took a bit of a gamble and decided to set up outside.  All the weather app’s said we had a slim chance of rain but suddenly the skies got dark and we were hit with a hard crazy thunderstorm. We grabbed what we could and threw tarps on everything else. By the time the skies cleared our stuff was too wet to risk playing. The crew there was great helping us dry stuff off. It was a bummer but we got to enjoy some amazing beers and hang out with some cool people. The Naked Lap Lager and Firehouse Pale Ale were probably our favorites but they had a huge selection of delicious beers. The brewery was fantastic and we can’t wait for a redo sometime soon.

Saturday the 19th we played Summer Fest at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park in Hudson NY. It was a great event to raise money for some wonderful local causes including FarmOn! Foundation, the Hudson Area Library and Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.  The Cirkus put on some awesome shows, like riding unicycles between knife jugglers and a rendition of Black and Tans following our set. There were a ton of great acts on the stage including local legends NRBG. Our buddy, and Hudson’s own, Jake Plourde brought his banjo up for Carolina and our version of the Irish tune Nora.  It was a beautiful summer day and we had a blast playing along the river.

Sunday the 20th we headed to Warwick NY to play Fill the Hill in the Sunshine at Pennings Farm. They’ve set up an awesome festival area behind the cidery.  It’s a beautiful rolling hill set in the orchards with an amazing view of the Hudson Valley.  The Cidery served up some delicious drinks, including currant, beet and pear ciders. Flux Capacitor put on a killer set and had us dancing to some dead covers.  The Jennys followed with some cool tunes.

Here’s some photos:

Hudson Summer Fest

hudson4 hudson5 hudson6 hudson7 hudson8 hudson9 hudson10 hudson12 husdson11 IMG_20170820_160121 IMG_20170820_145539419_HDR IMG_20170820_145547802_HDR IMG_20170820_160020034 IMG_20170820_160023394


























Fill The Hill:

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August 4, 2017

Mean Max and Fiddler’s Picnic

We’ve had a blast over the past couple weeks.  We played some great shows, met some amazing people and seen lots of outstanding musicians.  It’s been a fantastic summer and we’re riding high.  Here’s a run down of what we’ve been up to.

On Friday July 21st we played our first ever show at Mean Max Brew Works in Glens Falls NY.  Our buddy Jesse Sample from The 7th Squeeze came along so we called him up on guitar for a few tunes.   The show was in support of the GEM Fest that happened the following weekend.  We’re thrilled to be a part of the amazing scene in Glens Falls.  They have a thriving local music community that has embraced us and we always love coming up there.  The crew at Mean Max was great and we indulged ourselves with their delicious beers.

Saturday July 22nd we headed up to Rensselaerville to play a garden concert at the library.  We love Rensselaerville and are always happy to perform their for friends and family but we never expected how awesome this show would be.  The garden filled up with a manic crowd that ate up everything we threw at them.  By the end of the night the dance floor was pulsing and everyone was going crazy.  It was one of the best dance parties we’ve put on in a while.  The night was pure magic.

Saturday July 29th we took the stage at Fiddler’s Picnic in Marion NY.  It was an energetic bluegrass festival on Eddy Ridge Farm just outside of Rochester.  The venue is amazing, set on a farm in rural Upstate NY.  We got a great response from the crowd and enjoyed mind blowing bluegrass well into the night.  The Honey Smugglers, Zootoba, Dirty Blanket, Pine Fever and Grateful Folk kept the dance floor packed into the wee hours of the morning.  It was amazing seeing everyone partying all day and night, really a one of a kind experience.  We met a ton of great people.  Herby1 organized the whole thing and is one of the coolest dudes we’ve encountered.  All the vendors and patrons were amazing as well.

Here’s some pictures:

Mean Max Brew Works and Fiddler’s Picnic

20170721_215546 20170721_215741 20170721_215514 20170721_215509 20170721_213736 20170721_213620 20170721_213629 20170721_213639 20170721_213658 20170721_213727 20170721_203531 20170721_203515 20170721_215748 20170721_204423











































IMG_20170729_164804463 IMG_20170729_164840169 IMG_20170729_164956677_HDR IMG_20170729_165010780_HDR IMG_20170729_165029096_HDR IMG_20170729_165041568_HDR IMG_20170729_165043711_HDR IMG_20170729_165118441_HDR IMG_20170729_165159426_HDR IMG_20170729_165338052























IMG_20170729_202617257IMG_20170729_234757439 IMG_20170729_220558812

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July 19, 2017

Riverboat Bar, Alexandria Bay NY

This past weekend we had the pleasure of playing a show in Alexandria Bay at Riverboat Bar.  We spent the day enjoying the St. Lawrence River before heading into town to rock out for a wonderful crowd at Riverboat.  Buskers on the Bay was happening all weekend and brought a fantastic crowd to town.  The bar was packed all night and we had an amazing response from the crowd.

Alexandria Bay is a great beach town along an inlet on the St. Lawrence River.  It’s located in the heart of the 1,000 Islands region near Lake Ontario.  We’ve been going up to play at Riverboat Bar during the summer for several years and it has become one of our favorite summertime spots.  We have a few friends that live in town and it’s always great to see them.  In fact, we played at Mike and Karen’s wedding in Alexandria Bay 12 years ago Sunday.  We got to see them and they’re wonderful kids and celebrate their anniversary.  Also, a friend of ours from Rensselaerville let us use their cabin and we got to meet some of their family that came out to the show.  It was a fantastic night of new and old friends.  We couldn’t have had a better time.

Riverboat Bar has made a name for themselves by bringing the best regional acts to Alex Bay.  Their calendar is a who’s who of great acts from around New York and the Northeast.  They serve delicious food and savory craft beers on a beautiful outdoor patio and feature a cool boat shaped bar.  If you’re ever in the area Riverboat is the place to party.

Here are some photos from the weekend.  Enjoy!

2 3 4 5 6abay

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July 11, 2017

Truckin’ Through the Summer

Hey there Happy Friends!  We’ve had some amazing shows the past couple weeks and there’s a lot more in store for the summer.

Our set for Brown’s Summer Sessions was unbelievable.  The weather was fantastic, the crowd was enormous and responsive, and we played like bonafide rock gods, IMHO.  Annie got up on stage with Eastbound Jesus and tore it up, driving the crowd into a frenzy. Unfortunately the only video we got was her warming up, but we’ll put it on here for you guys anyway.

This past weekend we had a great show at Krogh’s in Sparta NJ on Friday night then headed to Barryville NY for Kenny’s Cosmic Campout 4.  The festival was set on a beautiful campground along the Delaware River. We met up with some old friends and made tons of new ones.  It was a magical weekend with great bands, great people and of course an amazing setting.  The energy flowed through us and we played one of our best sets ever.  It’s an understatement to say the crowd went wild.  They demanded an encore and we pulled out our version of “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls to satisfy the mob.  It was out of control. A truly humbling experience that we won’t soon forget.

This coming Saturday (7/15) we’re headed to Alexandria Bay for a full night at Riverboat Bar starting at 10pm. Alex Bay is a gorgeous beach town in the heart of the 1000 islands along the St. Lawrence River.  We can’t wait to be back at the Riverboat to play some music for our friends up there.

Brown’s Summer Sessions:

















Kenny’s Cosmic Campout:

IMG_20170708_150047469 IMG_20170708_150051687 IMG_20170708_150056394_HDR IMG_20170708_152728643_HDR IMG_20170708_175725618 IMG_20170708_194552893 IMG_20170708_202505357_HDR IMG_20170708_211548708

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June 27, 2017

Brown’s Summer Sessions with Eastbound Jesus









This THURSDAY (6/29) we’re thrilled to be playing Brown’s Summer Sessions with Eastbound Jesus.  We take the stage at 6pm and Eastbound Jesus follows closing out the night.  Brown’s has an awesome stage set up along the banks of the Hudson behind their taproom in downtown Troy.  This will be the 5th performance for the series this summer and the reviews have been stellar.  There’s one more show left after this, which will be two weeks from Thursday (there’s no show July 4th).  The last concert of the season will be July 13th with Bleeker, Northern Faces and Stellar Young.

Brown’s Brewing Company is doing great things with their downtown Troy riverfront stage.  It’s a place for people to come together, have a beer, relax and enjoy some of the best music the Capital Region has to offer (obviously).  They’ve teamed with WEQX to create a line up that can’t be beat.

If you haven’t heard of Eastbound Jesus you’re in for a treat.  They are a high energy, rockin’ bluegrass band.  Their sets are packed with great tunes and enough excitement to keep you dancing all night.  This September we’ll be on the bill for their very own camping festival Eastbound Throwdown in Salem NY.  It will be our first time playing the throwdown and we’re stoked for that as well. So come out and have your mind blown, then get your tickets for Eastbound Throwdown in September.

This is it folks, your chance to catch BMS in your hometown.  We don’t play in the area very often, especially during the summer when we’re on the road most weekends.  In fact, our next scheduled show near the Albany/Troy area is in October.  Come enjoy this beautiful venue, fantastic beers and the best music around.  Hope to see you there!

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June 26, 2017

Rennselaerville Kiosk Koncert and Annual Founder’s Day Celebration

kioskYesterday we got the chance to help out some friends at the Rennselaerville Historic District Association.  They raised a good amount of money to build an information kiosk at the pocket park in town. Meanwhile, it was an awesome day with some amazing music, a pig roast and pot luck dinner. beer from Helderberg Brewery and some pretty epic weather.  It threatened to rain for a minute but we only saw a few drops before it cleared up, although the winds did some damage to an E-Z Up.

There was some great musicians laying down tunes all afternoon.  The Fearless Fretters set up shop and treated us to their full stringed glory with violins, guitars, banjo and double bass.  Peter Michael played some acoustic jams. John Rice brought his A game,  The Barefoot Ladies put on a great show utilizing their precise three part harmonies on their tunes and some unique covers.  We played right after the faux rain storm for what IMHO was an epic set including some of our best performances of our new tunes.  The Outer Strings followed with an impressive set featuring killer guitar, violin accompaniment and an amazing line up of vocalists.

The food was fantastic, the beer was heady, but the best part of the day was the people.  Rennselaerville came out in full force to enjoy the weather, mingle with neighbors and be the amazing community that they are.  Here’s some pics and a short video of The Outer Strings. We’ll be back in town on June 22nd and 23rd for a Garden Concert and Workshop.

IMG_20170625_201018506[1] IMG_20170625_195130848_TOP[1] IMG_20170625_195015303[1]

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June 19, 2017

Hello Again, Everybody!

Thanks for stopping by our page and checking out this blog. We’ve been developing new areas of our social media presence and our webpage blog has fallen by the wayside. Our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are taking off and we’re finding it easier to reach our ever expanding fan base.  Momentum is building on all our platforms now and we’re ready to bring you updates everywhere and often.  We’ll make this the place to come for news on our upcoming shows, posts about our recent gigs and travels, and a photo and video dump to bring you extra content.

This Saturday (6/24) we’ll be heading to Hector to play one of our favorite spots in Western NY.  Grist Iron Brewing Company is a wonderful restaurant/microbrewery situated on a beautiful hill in the heart of wine country.  Just check out the picture. gristiron We discovered this stretch of heaven on Seneca Lake several years ago and it’s become one of our favorite areas to play.  With beautiful views, delicious food and cold beers this is a great road trip for a day or weekend.

We’ve had some great shows so far this summer, including Froggy Daze 5 and The Church near Cooperstown NY.  Here’s some pictures.  Thanks for reading and stop by soon to keep up with the full BMS experience.

Froggy Daze 5:

IMG_20170519_171428117_HDR[1] IMG_20170519_171451564_HDR[1] IMG_20170519_171536430_HDR[1] IMG_20170519_191636819_HDR[1]














The Church:

IMG_20170610_173941[1] IMG_20170610_215143879[1] IMG_20170610_215542264_TOP[1]












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