August 23, 2016

Back In The Studio

It’s official, we’ve started work on a new EP.  We have four brand new tunes and a couple previously unreleased songs from a while back that are going to be compiled into a new project.  The excitement is palpable and we’ve had to employ relaxation techniques to keep it from getting the best of us.

This past Sunday we stepped into the Albany Audio studio with the incomparable John Chiara.  It’s the first time since Drawn in the Sand that we’ve been in the studio and we’re beyond thrilled.  John is a good friend and undoubtedly the best audio engineer in the Albany area.  After the magic he did with our last release we can’t wait to see how these tracks come out.

We’ve only recently started playing our new songs out, so if you haven’t heard them yet be sure to come to one of our upcoming gigs and demand them. We’ll be more than happy to comply.  In the meantime we’ll be working on some teaser material including snip-its from live shows and photos from the studio.

IMG_20160821_133143 IMG_20160821_133201 IMG_20160821_133132

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August 16, 2016

Yasgur Road Reunion

This past weekend was a little bitter-sweet for your favorite troupe of marauding entertainers.  We were stoked to play a set before a double feature at Drive-In 32 in Greenville NY.  Had everything gone according to plan we would have rocked out for an hour before sunset then stuck around to enjoy Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles.  However, the weather didn’t cooperate and the show was cancelled.

We took advantage of the night off to rest up and prepare for Yasgur Road Reunion in Bethel NY.  This was our second year at the festival and we’ve come to love the atmosphere and tradition that saturates Yasgur Farm.  Located on the farm where Woodstock ’69 was held this festival draws the most dedicated fans of live music and the hippy lifestyle.  It’s an opportunity for everyone to revel in the mood and feels made famous by the original Woodstock, and the spirit is strong.  The patrons are so friendly and happy it really feels like you’ve gone back to a simpler time where life revolves around peace, love, happiness and music.

Saturday morning we arrived just in time to catch our longtime friend Matt Krahula of Nightmare River Band.  Matt put on a killer set of acoustic music that got us right into the mood.  We braved the muggy heat to enjoy sets from Lo 8 and Static in the Attic before we took the stage at 2pm.

It was a blast playing to the crowd at Yasgur.  Everyone was super receptive and we even had a few dancers despite the overwhelming heat.  We threw in a few new songs (soon to be released on our upcoming EP) and got a great response.  After our set we had lots of people coming up to us with compliments as we walked around the festival, which is always an amazing feeling.

Saturday night was just plain awesome.  Dharma Bums, a band from our favorite stomping grounds in Woodstock NY, put on a killer show.  Dirk Quinn Band was new to us and didn’t disappoint.  They left our faces melted and our souls yearning for more.  This week we’ve had them on repeat as we soak up their killer jam vibe.  The rains came pretty hard in a couple flash thunderstorms later in the night but luckily we were prepared and enjoyed the thunder from the comfort of our Easy-Ups.

Can’t wait till next year!


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August 7, 2016

Summer in Full Swing

A few weeks ago we returned from a short hiatus with a slew of amazing summer shows.  From Saratoga Lake to Alexandria Bay we’ve been rockin’ out in some of upstate NY’s coolest summer spots.

However, our squad of PR interns took an extended vacation from bringing you cutting edge BMS footage and updates so by the time you see this post you might be thinking the band has fallen off the map and into obscurity like Green Jelly and Art Garfunkel.  Fear not! It is all a clever play designed months ago to leapfrog our popularity, exponentially increasing our relevancy until the only thing that matters to anyone is BMS.  But enough marketing mumbo jumbo, let’s move on to photos and updates.

We’ve been splashing through the summer since 7/22 at Lake Local on Saratoga Lake. From there we headed to Bellstock to party with all the best of the local music scene.  The last weekend of July we hit the road for a relaxing set of shows at Riverboat Bar in Alexandria Bay and Grist Iron Brewing Co. in Burdett NY.  We had great weather and fantastic crowds both nights and squeezed in an afternoon on the beach in Alex Bay.  This past weekend we hit up some local haunts at Green Wolf Brewing Co. in Middleburgh NY Friday night and Harmony Cafe Saturday.  Here’s a splattering of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_20160722_173027 IMG_20160722_173035 IMG_20160722_185623 IMG_20160722_185625 IMG_20160730_133835 IMG_20160730_134017 IMG_20160730_134024 IMG_20160730_134909 IMG_20160730_181549 IMG_20160730_182400 IMG_20160730_215000 IMG_20160805_212330

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June 6, 2016

First Friday and Harmony Cafe

Middleburgh is the coolest small town around.  Any reason to hang out in the quaint town center is worth jumping at and 1st Friday is no exception.  All the greatest local farmers set up shop on the sidewalk and the variety of downtown shops stay open late.

We played on the steps of the library and were lucky enough to have the weather hold up throughout the set, aside from a stray shower or two.  That didn’t stop the crowd from gathering and cheering us on.  It was amazing to play to such a responsive audience.  Families camped out on the sidewalk and the “dance floor” was filled with energetic toddlers.  I took a killer selfie but dropped the ball and deleted it because I don’t know how to Instagram.  Luckily Christina Dinovo captured this moment and a few other prize shots to share with all you happy friends.

There were friendly faces everywhere as we checked out the town after our set.  We had some delicious pizza at Hubie’s, Chinese Food at Peking and of course pints at Green Wolf Brewing Co.  All over town we were greeted by happy people telling us they enjoyed our music.  It was a humbling experience to be accepted by such a passionate community.

13346938_629372181933_814637551679702573_n 13310539_629372241813_6789265338674600722_n









Saturday night brought us the same love and happy vibes.  We played to a packed house at Harmony Cafe in Woodstock NY.  We’ve had a regular gig there on the first Saturday of every other month for the past several (4 or 5?) years.  There is a core group of hardcore fans headed by Jacque Manganaro that show up every time and dance like crazy.  On Saturday there was a huge crowd and everyone was joining in the fun.  It was great seeing all the wonderful faces and eating some delicious Asian cuisine compliments of Shao Wu.  It is worth mentioning that Shao Wu is not only an amazing Chef but he also has a history in the music community of Woodstock because of his deep connection to the late Albert Grossman who worked with all the big names of the historic hippie-era Woodstock scene.

Also on Saturday night, we opened the show with a new song which has only been played a few times before when no one was around.  It’s called “Walk to the Edge” and judging by the response it got Saturday night it’s gonna be a hit.

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June 2, 2016

Strange Creek 2016

Last weekend we played Strange Creek at Camp Keewanee in Greenfield Mass.  It was an amazing experience for us to share the stage with some amazing names, including members of Max Creek who performed before us on Sunday.  We met wonderful people, ate delicious food and heard outstanding music.

We only made it out for Sunday but we were able to catch some fantastic acts.   Hot Creekin’ Acoustics was on stage as we showed up,  playing hard hitting, violin tinged classic rock tunes.   The band after us on the Vernville Stage, Appalachian Still, featured violin as well.  Their Americana bluegrass went perfectly with the muggy afternoon.  Hayley Jane and the Primates killed it on the Main Stage, followed by Fear Nuttin’ Band laying down groovy reggae tunes.  We were blown away by Chris Merenda and the Wheel on the Riverworm Stage.  The last band we caught before hitting the road was Banooba, who delivers dancy pop jam music mixed in with aggressive hard rock.  The soulful vocals pull it all together and we became instant fans.

The summer’s moving forward and this weekend we’re playing First Friday in Middleburgh NY (6/3) then on Saturday (6/4) we return to Harmony Cafe in Woodstock for our bi-monthly residency, which is always completely out of control.

Here’s some pictures from Strange Creek!

DSCF2029 DSCF2031 DSCF2033 DSCF2022 DSCF2024 DSCF2027 DSCF2019 DSCF2021

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May 26, 2016

Saratoga Fiddle Night

0521162033Last Saturday we had our latest installment of the Fiddle Night concert series.  Fiddle Night is a concept we’ve had for years as a way to promote local and regional original music featuring violin.  We were joined by Acoustic Trauma and Adam Ezra Group, two of our favorite acts to share the stage with.

Acoustic Trauma brought their epic, high energy performance complete with a killer Theremin jam and of course searing violin solos.

Adam Ezra Group put on an amazing show that had us dancing to great, laid back Americana jams.  The whole ensemble gave their all with percussion and keys filling in the sound behind the strings.  Everybody was on their feet for The Devil Came Up To Boston, their Boston-ized cover of the Charlie Daniels Band classic.

0521162359b 0521162359d 0521162359f 0521162358a 0521162358b 0521162358 0521162353c 0521162345


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May 17, 2016

BMS Power Weekend

Last weekend was phenomenal.  We hit up Bacchus in New Paltz Friday night hoping to catch the graduation crowd.  The turnout was a little lighter than we had hoped but we got an amazing response from the people that did show up.  We made some new friends and hopefully some new fans.

Saturday we lucked out and missed the rain at Gardiner Cupcake Festival.  This is the third year we’ve played the GCF and it’s turned into one of our favorite shows.  The crowd is always so responsive and upbeat.  The Big Takeover played before us and got everybody into the groove with their soulful ska music.  We had everyone rockin’ along including some very excited babies and puppies.  Of course we got to eat tons of cupcakes.  Bear’s birthday is coming up so Aunt Lilly put together a cupcake celebration and we all sang.  We even found a vendor selling spicy cupcakes made with hot sauce, which were surprisingly delicious!

Saturday night we headed to Bennington VT to catch the SVC graduation crowd at JC’s Tavern.  It was our first time there and the locals were very accommodating.  We were a little nervous with all the new faces but after the first song the room erupted in applause and the good vibes kept up throughout the night.  We made some new friends, got some good videos and found our new favorite venue in Bennington.

0514161451a 0514161606a 0514162055c 0513162342 0513162351a

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May 1, 2016

Green Wolf Brewing Co.

Last night we played a hometown show for the hill folks in Middleburgh.  We could see why people are calling Green Wolf Brewing Co. “The Living Room of the Helderburghs” because all our friends from the hill made the short trip down to join us for some music and pints Saturday night.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the trip from our jam room in Knox was invigoration.  It was nice to get out of the city and take a drive through farm country.  We got to town early and had some delicious Italian food at Pasta Grill before our set.  It was great to see so many friendly faces.  Annie even had a beer waiting for her on the “Buy a Friend a Beer” board! We played a couple sets and got people to put down their popcorn and dance.  The night ended with a soulful rendition of Raglan Road that grabbed everyone in the room by the feels.  Can’t wait to come back!

gwbc raglangw gw1

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April 29, 2016


Saturday night MOVE Fest was in town for it’s 5th incarnation and downtown Albany was host to some of the best independent acts around.  We played the outdoor stage at Graney’s Stout.  It was a busy weekend and there were lots of acts we couldn’t catch but the handful of bands at Stout on Saturday really tore it up.  The Racer, Food Will Win The War, Basic Cable Preachers, Vera Bloom, The Boobies and Eastbound Jesus were all awesome and it was great meeting so many new people and seeing so many old friends.  Jasmine Robinson was there snapping pictures for the Times Union and she caught a couple of us hanging out with the gang.  movemove2

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April 20, 2016

Spring in Wine Country

Last weekend we had an exciting run of shows in Central New York. We had a blast, saw some old friends and made some new ones.  It was a great weekend to get out and play music at some of our favorite upstate places.

Friday night we fiddled hard with Acoustic Trauma for our umpteenth Fiddle Night.  This time it was at Black Oak Tavern in Oneonta. As always, it was a groovy good time with our longtime bff’s.  Acoustic Trauma started off the night with an epic set of their signature fiddle-fronted hard rock.  Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more intense, Paul broke out the Theremin and everyone went freaking nuts.  Our set went off without a hitch and soon enough we had everyone dancing along.  After the show we hung out and wound down with some mac-n-cheese and Frito hot dogs from the food truck.

DSCF1947 DSCF1949 DSCF1957 DSCF1946 DSCF1944

Then on Saturday we packed up the van and headed to wine country.  It was a beautiful day to be on Seneca Lake and we got to see all our old buddies for a show at Two Goats Brewery. It was an unbelievable sunset over the lake as we got ready to play. We had Annie order us some takeout from down the road and had an impromptu photo shoot while she was on the phone. Sorry Annie!  Scott Adams came out to do our sound, which was amazing as always.  Chuck and Adam were slinging delicious beers and the whole crew of Hector folks were there dancing up a storm.   They even saved us some roast beef for a late night treat!DSCF1991 DSCF1993 DSCF1983 DSCF1984 DSCF1988 DSCF1972

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