April 29, 2016


Saturday night MOVE Fest was in town for it’s 5th incarnation and downtown Albany was host to some of the best independent acts around.  We played the outdoor stage at Graney’s Stout.  It was a busy weekend and there were lots of acts we couldn’t catch but the handful of bands at Stout on Saturday really tore it up.  The Racer, Food Will Win The War, Basic Cable Preachers, Vera Bloom, The Boobies and Eastbound Jesus were all awesome and it was great meeting so many new people and seeing so many old friends.  Jasmine Robinson was there snapping pictures for the Times Union and she caught a couple of us hanging out with the gang.  movemove2

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April 20, 2016

Spring in Wine Country

Last weekend we had an exciting run of shows in Central New York. We had a blast, saw some old friends and made some new ones.  It was a great weekend to get out and play music at some of our favorite upstate places.

Friday night we fiddled hard with Acoustic Trauma for our umpteenth Fiddle Night.  This time it was at Black Oak Tavern in Oneonta. As always, it was a groovy good time with our longtime bff’s.  Acoustic Trauma started off the night with an epic set of their signature fiddle-fronted hard rock.  Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more intense, Paul broke out the Theremin and everyone went freaking nuts.  Our set went off without a hitch and soon enough we had everyone dancing along.  After the show we hung out and wound down with some mac-n-cheese and Frito hot dogs from the food truck.

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Then on Saturday we packed up the van and headed to wine country.  It was a beautiful day to be on Seneca Lake and we got to see all our old buddies for a show at Two Goats Brewery. It was an unbelievable sunset over the lake as we got ready to play. We had Annie order us some takeout from down the road and had an impromptu photo shoot while she was on the phone. Sorry Annie!  Scott Adams came out to do our sound, which was amazing as always.  Chuck and Adam were slinging delicious beers and the whole crew of Hector folks were there dancing up a storm.   They even saved us some roast beef for a late night treat!DSCF1991 DSCF1993 DSCF1983 DSCF1984 DSCF1988 DSCF1972

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April 3, 2016

Spring Fling: Epic Parties, April Fools and P – Bizzle’s Birthday

We’ve had an amazing weekend rocking out for packed houses filled with dancing feet.  It’s finally spring and our upstate happy friends are coming out in droves.  We’re shaking off the cold, getting ready for an epic summer and local music lovers are turning up.  2016 is slated to be an historic year so let’s keep this party rolling.

Friday night we April Fool’s hard at Harmony Cafe in Woodstock NY.  Our residency at Harmony has been one of the highlights of our tenure as a band.  It’s an honor to play at a venue with such deep ties to Woodstock and it’s legacy in innovative music.  We’re blessed to be treated to Shao Wu’s delicious cuisine and delightful conversation before rocking out for the greatest crowd around.  Every show see’s dozens of happy hippies dancing and partying and Friday night was no exception.  We’re so grateful for all our loyal fans that never fail to bring their A game.

Saturday night was even more electrifying.  We were lucky enough to play support for John Brown’s Body at The Hollow in Albany.  It was the perfect birthday bash for our bass master Paul Burke.  The turnout was great and we saw friendly faces everywhere.  Our set went off fantastically which isn’t a surprise considering how awesome the sound and lights are at The Hollow.  After the show we got so many compliments and good vibes it really made our night.  And all of this was just building up for the awesome show that JBB put on.  Their laid back grooves and in your face horn section really made for an unbelievable night.

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March 31, 2016

Rock n Roll Resort

This past Saturday we played at the Rock n Roll Resort in Kerhonkson NY for the first time ever.  It’s the festivals 6th run and we can’t believe how much fun we’ve been missing out on!

Arriving at the spot Saturday morning we didn’t know what to expect.  There was a food truck out front and a bunch of hippies hula hooping and stuff so we immediately felt right at home.  Everyone was helpful and courteous and we quickly headed inside to check in.

The resort was exactly how it sounded.  A glamorous hotel spread, complete with chandeliers and fancy furniture but occupied by hundreds of partying people in tie dye.  They even brought their dogs!  It was a surreal juxtaposition and the whole weekend had a magical air of friendship and community.

We started off music for the day on the main stage and it was great.  The room was amazing.  An awesome stage with fantastic sound done by some of our favorite sound guys.  We rocked out for about an hour then broke down and got to partying.

Mister F put on a killer show in the Empire Lounge so we checked them out before heading to the food truck for lunch.  The personal pan pizza’s and steak sandwiches were better than any lot burrito you’ve ever had.  As the evening wore on Max Creek played two sets of laid back grooves.  There were devil stick and poi everywhere as people got down to the tasty tunes.

It was the best springtime party ever and got us amped up for festy season!  If you missed it, head over to our YouTube channel for some videos and please don’t forget to CLICK SUBSCRIBE.

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March 17, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day

stpaddysHappy St. Paddy’s Day everyone.  The weather is cooperating with the Irish spirit as it sprinkles the mild spring day with bouts of rain and wind.  We’re feeling festive and getting ready to head up to the hill for some dinner and music.

We’ll be celebrating full force tomorrow night in Plattsburgh at Monopole Bar starting at 10pm.  We’ve got hours of Irish tunes salted with some delicious Black Mountain Symphony flavor.  Our rhythm section was just settling in last year for St. Paddy’s Day but this year they’ve had time to sink their teeth in and the result is some fantastic, high energy Irish jams.  You’re not gonna want to miss this one, but we like to pepper in a few Irish tunes during our regular sets for the Celts that can’t make it to the party.

“May your blessing outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.”

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March 10, 2016

Rock n Roll Resort

It’s official, we’re playing Rock n Roll Resort on Saturday March 26th at 1pm.  We’re really excited to be on the bill for the this destination festival at Hudson Valley Resort and Spa in Kerhonkson NY with big names like Max Creek, Formula 5, Mister F and Depth Quartet.

Please follow the link to a sweet page that they created for us on their website.  It has a cool write up, pictures, videos and music to check out.  Every click on the link below helps us with support and compensation. Thanks!

Black Mountain Symphony

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March 5, 2016

MOVE Music Festival

It’s almost spring and we’re getting geared up for some amazing shows.  We’ve been recovering from a busy stretch of shows this winter and trying to take advantage of some downtime.

Last weekend we played our first show at the Saratoga Winery.  It was such a wonderful experience.  The place was filled with awesome music lovers drinking fantastic wine.  North and South Dakotas played an awesome set.  We had goat cheese burgers made with local ingredients and hung out by the fire pit outside.   Then on Saturday we rocked Destiny USA mall in Syracuse at World of Beer.  It was great.  We had an amazing crowd as well as a great crew helping everyone out with amazing beers and food.

Rollz and Charlie nodded off while finishing a “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” puzzle and listening to Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters and Annie took the opportunity to make a silly video.  She’s super stoked to be playing MOVE Music Festival on Saturday April 23rd in the Graney’s Stout tent on Broadway.  We go on at 8pm and needless to say it’s going to be epic.  Bring a bucket because your face WILL melt.  Check out these links to:

Buy Tickets for MOVE    Find out the juicy details

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February 14, 2016

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. In the spirit of the season, we’re passing along some classic BMS to keep you warm on this cold day of love. So snuggle up with the one you love (even if that’s yourself) and feel the warmth we’re sending out.

Here’s Winter Nights

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February 7, 2016

Exciting New Happenings

It’s been an exciting New Year filled with new places, faces and sounds.  This past Friday we had our first show in Utica NY at Gordon’s Tap Room.  The awesome stage and lights really helped us get in the mood and the proprietor is an awesome guy.  We hit it off and it looks like we have a new ally in Central New York so the Utica area will be seeing a lot more of BMS.  Last weekend we had our first show at Grizzly’s on Stratton Mountain with much the same results.

In addition to new venues and friends we have been toying around with an epic new tune.  We’ve been slowly crafting it for the past few months and it’s finally taken form.  There’s still a few small finishing touches and kinks to work out but it’s just about there.  Now we just need to get it recorded.  We’ve been a little reluctant to play it out in fear of diminishing the big release when the finished product is done but the past couple weeks we’ve been taking it out for test runs: a sound check here and a lick or two there.  Last night, for the first time ever, we ended the set playing “Walk To The Edge” for a packed house at Harmony Cafe in Woodstock and it was a huge success.  After we nailed the thunderous ending there was a moment of quiet while people took it in and all we heard was a stunned “Hell Yeah” before the crowd erupted in applause.  It felt great to us and we got rave reviews from the audience.  So no promises, but if you come out to some shows you might just be one of the first to hear our future #1 hit!

While new and exciting things are always fun, we’d never give up old classics like our bi-monthly residency at Harmony Cafe.  We were back last night and it was great seeing Shao Wu, Dae Chen, Jackie and all our loyal fans down in Woodstock. Here’s some pictures in case you missed it.

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February 4, 2016

Fashion Gods

We got some of the pictures back from a shoot we did a few weeks ago with the lovely and talented Gigi Knight.  She has an amazing eye and we can’t wait to work with her again.  These pictures speak for themselves and the impact has been monumental.  New York and Paris are buzzing as designers and stylists are battling to catch up with the suave BMS look.  Once again we’re changing the world through fashion. We do it for the children. Don’t forget to head over to the “LIVE” page for a list of upcoming shows, there’s a lot going on that you’re gonna want to be a part of.

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